Mayors That Defy Trump’s Immigration Law Face Billion-Dollar Losses

“Sanctuary City” mayors are openly planning to defy President-elect Trump’s immigration policies. These “Sanctuary Cities” keep illegal immigrants living freely within their boundaries, effectively providing amnesty for them.

The President-elect’s 100-day plan makes perfectly clear what he plans to do to sanctuary mayors who defy his law: he will “cancel all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities.”

From the President-elect’s 100-day action plan:

* THIRD, cancel all federal funding to Sanctuary Cities

Who are these defiant mayors plotting to keep their “Sanctuary” scheme going? How many more Democratic mayors will join them, eager to score points with the progressive Left? How many Democrat astroturf groups will travel to these cities to push their agenda with the media?

And most importantly: how much money in federal funding will these mayors lose?

Even by a politically liberal estimate, mayors of these cities could lose over $10 billion immediately. The biggest losses will be felt by the biggest Democratic mayors: Bill de Blasio of New York, Ed Lee of San Francisco, Rahm Emanuel of Chicago, and Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, the 1970’s birthplace of the “Sanctuary City” movement.


Here is a list of the defiant cities and mayors and Mother Jones estimates for how much federal funding they could lose:

Los Angeles: Mayor Eric Garcetti could lose $507 million in federal funding overnight, which amounts to about two percent of the city budget.

Chicago: Mayor Rahm Emanuel stands to lose $1 billion, or 10 percent of his massive city budget, overnight.

New York City: Mayor Bill de Blasio stands to lose 9 percent of its budget amounting to $7 billion.

Washington, DC: Mayor Muriel Bowser faces the loss of 25 percent of her budget.

San Francisco: Mayor Ed Lee could lose 10 percent of his city’s budget, or $1 billion.

Providence, Rhode Island: Mayor Jorge Elorza might see a 10 percent budget cut to the tune of $71 million.

Philadelphia: Democratic mayor Jim Kenney might face some political repercussions in the areas surrounding Philadelphia, but plans on fighting the Trump administration within his city limits.

Newark, New Jersey: Mayor Ras Baraka is keeping his “Sanctuary” in tact, which scores him points with national Democratic leadership.

Austin, Texas: Mayor Steve Adler has support in his city but is walking into dangerous territory for his political prospects in the Lone Star State.

Denver, Colorado: Mayor Michael Hancock is risking 9 percent of his city’s budget, or $175 million.

Baltimore: Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake might lose her city $216 million, or 8 percent of its budget.

Oakland: Mayor Libby Schaaf is gambling with 4 percent of her city’s budget, aka $52 million.

Minneapolis: In an area rife with illegal immigration, Mayor Betsy Hodges only stands to lose 2 percent of her budget, or $25 million.

Los Angeles: Mayor Eric Garcetti could be in trouble if he causes the city to lose 2 percent amounting to $507 million.

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Mayor Javier Gonzales risks $6 million, or 2 percent.

Seattle: Mayor Ed Murray’s city claims 1.8 percent of its budget as federal money.

Aurora, Colorado: Mayor Steve Hogan’s city also takes in a reported 1.8 percent of its budget in federal funds.

Portland, Oregon: Mayor Charlie Hales risks a reported 1.3 percent of its budget.