Don’t Let The Unions Block President Trump’s Pick for Education!

The teacher’s unions are at again and doing everything they can to block President Trump’s choice to lead the Department of Education.

Take action.


  • Opposes Common-Core and Gun Free Zones
  • Supports school choice and charter programs

Sadly, two Republican Senator, Murkowski (R, AK) and Collins (R-ME) who are heavily funded by the unions have announced their opposition to DeVos. Those betrayals put the current vote count at 50-50.  As it stands, Vice-President Pence will cast the deciding ballot to break the tie and confirm DeVos on Monday.

Don’t let the sellouts win, take action.

The teacher’s unions have activated tens-of-thousands of teachers across the country to smear DeVos by urging their supporters to message, call, and write their Senators in opposition to President Trump’s common-sense education selection of Betsy DeVos.

President Trump and Betsy DeVos are counting on us to stop this pathetic attempt to maintain the education status-quo.  Please take just a couple minutes to complete the two following actions:

1:  Tell the Senate to stop playing games with Trump’s cabinet nominations, confirm DeVos and the others, and then GET TO WORK! 

2: Call Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins DC offices and let them know what you think of their betrayal of President Trump’s choice of Betsy DeVos.

Murkowski:  (202)-224-6665

Collins:  (202)224-2523