“Ethics reform will be a crucial part of our 100-day plan as well. We’re going to drain the swamp of corruption in Washington DC.”

-President-Elect Donald Trump. Dec 6, 2016 Fayetteville, NC.

In Donald Trump’s America, crooked politicians will no longer be able to grow old and fat peddling access to power for personal enrichment (see Hillary Clinton). Corruption in Washington, D.C. has spun out of control and the Trump administration is proposing a robust ethics reform agenda.

Read and sign the Trump administration’s 100 days contract, which includes popular policies like congressional term limits, lobbying reform, and closing the revolving doors between regulators and the special interest groups they are supposed to regulate.  For too long our regulatory agencies have been staffed by people eyeing lavish employment post-public service.  They have forsaken their sacred obligation as a representative of their constituents. That’s coming to an end.

After you’ve read and signed the contract with the President-elect please take a moment to tell your representation in Washington DC that you expect them to support the ethics reform component of President Trump’s 100-day agenda by clicking here.

The Plan:

Many of the ethics reforms in the America First Agenda can be accomplished through executive action but the FIRST PRIORITY sets the stage for a fierce showdown with Congress, Term Limits.

The President-elect is proposing a constitutional amendment that will expose whether members of Congress value their own political power over the best interest of the people they represent. Congressmen and Senators opposed to ethics reform must face a well-organized nonpartisan populist backlash. Our team has the unique ability to put such a backlash together.

Our team will unleash a ruthless campaign on multiple fronts against vulture politicians who try to stall, dodge, or in anyway delay this proposal.

Before we just go wreaking havoc on members of Congress politically, we have to get them on the record and we need your help. Through our system, you can get in touch with your Congressman and both of your Senators in just a couple minutes. When you get a chance you can do it by clicking on this link:


When you hear back from them make sure to let us know. If it’s been more than 14 days and you haven’t heard from your representatives we want to (know that too.  Vulture politicians who dodge the legitimate questions of their constituents should  be prepared to deal with the America First Project citizen-journalists demanding answers on camera in Washington and in their states and districts.