“On infrastructure, I will ask Congress to pass legislation that produces one trillion dollars of new investments in America’s crumbling infrastructure. Including major projects in our inner cities.”

-President-Elect Donald Trump. Dec 6, 2016, Fayetteville, NC

With interest rates at record lows, now is the time to make a critical investment in America’s crumbling infrastructure. Before being duly elected President of the United States, Donald J. Trump built a global business empire and massive buildings across the world bear his name. Finally, we have a President that understands how to get massive construction projects completed ahead-of-schedule and under budget.

Read and sign the Trump administration’s 100 days contract, which includes the American Infrastructure and Energy Act.

President-elect Trump is exactly the man we need to negotiate on our behalf to get a fair deal on the restoration our nation’s infrastructure. Historically low interest rates make now the most cost-effective time to get America moving again.

Take a moment to contact your representation in Washington, DC and tell them to support the American Infrastructure and Energy Act proposed by President-Elect Donald Trump! 

The Plan:

To help the Trump administration pass a trillion-dollar infrastructure package through Congress, we will focus on two congressional groups.

  1. Vulnerable Democrats:

Democrats in the Congress have spent the less eight years clamoring for an infrastructure spending bill. Democrats who oppose the infrastructure bill will have to answer to their own words in the media and in their district.

2. Do-nothing Republican purists:

Do-nothing NeverTrumpers like Glenn Beck and FreedomWorks could try to sabotage the infrastructure package the same way they tried to sabotage President-elect Trump’s election.  Some usually good members of Congress can be influenced by a show of support from the grassroots in favor of the infrastructure package.

Our team will unleash a ruthless campaign on multiple fronts against vulture politicians who try to stall, dodge, or in any way delay the American Infrastructure and Energy Act.

Before we just go wreaking havoc on members of Congress politically, we have to get them on the record and we need your help. Through our system, you can get in touch with your Congressman and both of your Senators in just a couple minutes. When you get a chance you can do it by clicking on this link:


When you hear back from your members of Congress, make sure to let us know. If it’s been more than 14 days and you haven’t heard from your representatives we want to know that too.
***Vulture politicians who dodge the legitimate questions of their constituents should  be prepared to deal with the relentless America First Project citizen-journalists demanding answers on camera in Washington and in their states and districts.