Privacy Policy

The America First Project is a voice for those of us who want to save the
principles that made America great from those who wish to replace liberty with
nothing short of socialism.  Our main
function is creating meaningful political, commercial, and charitable
interactions between people. As such, The America First Project takes the
privacy of both our client’s data and our network seriously.

We do not sell or share your data with anyone other than the vendors
necessary to complete tens of millions of interactions between The America
First Project and our network each month.  These vendors include Email
Service Providers, social media platforms and other advertising and
communication vendors. The America First Project carefully selects and
regularly monitors how these vendors protect our data. 

The America First Project sends updates, introductions, and advertisements
from our clients, potential clients, or campaigns and causes we support at our
sole discretion. The America First Project takes regular measures to comply
with a variety of communication best practices, including providing the
opportunity to unsubscribe from communications from any specific client or from
the The America First Project Master List. For help opting out or if you’d like to provide constructive feedback about The America First Project privacy policy, please email us at 

Our website address is: